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PCCA Awards Peter Koshland, PharmD, George Roentsch Scholarship

HOUSTON (October 26, 2013): PCCA is pleased to announce Peter Koshland, PharmD, of Koshland Pharm Custom Compounding Pharmacy in San Francisco, Calif., as the 2013 recipient of the George Roentsch Scholarship. This scholarship provided Koshland with an all-expenses-paid trip to PCCA’s 2013 International Seminar. It is awarded annually to an up-and-coming independent pharmacist and PCCA member who embodies the innovative and sharing nature for which Roentsch was well-known in the pharmacy compounding community. The award was presented to Koshland on October 26, 2013, during the company’s International Seminar, held in Sugar Land, Texas.

At the ceremony, PCCA’s Erin Michael, MBA, CPhT, gave a brief introduction about the history of the scholarship and acknowledged the previous winners in attendance. Then PCCA Member Peter Ford, PharmD, of Ford’s Apothecary in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, introduced the nominees: Koshland, Charlene Vernak, PharmD, of Vernak Farms Country Store Compounding & Retail Pharmacy in Skaneateles, N.Y.; Jonathan Lehan, PharmD, of Rock Valley Compounding Pharmacy in Rockford, Ill.; Nittal Lodha, RPh, and Harry Patel, RPh, of Marlton Pharmacy in Marlton, N.J. and Woodbury Family Pharmacy in Woodbury, N.J. Finally, 2012 Roentsch Scholarship recipient Karen Floyd, RPh, of Western Colorado Specialty Pharmacy in Grand Junction, Colo., took the stage to announce the winner.

A PCCA member since 2009, Koshland has developed and grown his practice very quickly. Colleagues described him as being an expert on hormone replacement therapy, and he is admired amongst his peers in the compounding community. His pharmacy is located in the heart of San Francisco, where passersby can stop and watch compounding activities taking place through its 20-foot-tall windows. Continuing education is important to Koshland, who attends as many educational events as possible to keep up with the latest developments in compounding and to share knowledge and experience with his colleagues. He also is a preceptor for pharmacy students from the University of California at San Francisco School of Pharmacy, and hosts many other students at his pharmacy to teach them about compounding. Koshland Pharm is accredited by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB), and is viewed as a model pharmacy in California.

George Roentsch, RPh, owner/pharmacist of The Apothecary in Keene, N.H., will be long remembered as the compounder’s compounder. His passion and fire for the art of compounding were legendary. This passion was not limited to just the innovative contributions that Roentsch developed for his patients and physicians over the years; but, also involved his generosity and sharing of these ideas and formulas with other compounders.

A PCCA Member since June 1983 and named Pharmacist of the Year in 1994, Roentsch was a constant and memorable presence at PCCA seminars and symposiums throughout the years, and was viewed by many in the pharmacy compounding profession as a mentor and friend. His work advanced the art and science of compounding and leaves a lasting legacy. Roentsch passed away in 2011, and PCCA is proud to pay tribute to Roentsch by honoring the passionate, innovative, and sharing compounding pharmacists of the future with the George Roentsch Scholarship.

Serving compounding pharmacists since 1981, Houston, Texas-headquartered PCCA provides the fine chemicals, equipment, devices, accredited training courses and seminars, and technical consulting assistance necessary to allow compounding pharmacists the ability to compound unique dosage forms according to the patient’s individualized medication needs and the physician’s prescription. PCCA currently has more than 3,900 pharmacist members throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and countries around the world. For more information, please call Stephan Beek/PCCA Communications at 800.331.2498.

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