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Koshland Pharm Phone App

Let’s Simplify. Use our Phone App.

Manage your health and save time with the free Koshland Pharm phone app.

Refill Prescriptions
Request a refill and track its progress.

Dose Reminders
Set dose reminders for you or your family’s medications.

Contact Us
Phone or email our staff, get directions and view all our services offered.

Get News
Receive messages from us, including refill reminders and important updates.

To get started, follow these 7 easy steps:

  1. Download for iPhone or Android.
  2. Create your profile by entering your birthdate and a four digit code (used for security purposes).
  3. Type in the prescription number that you would like refilled.
  4. Click “View Order” to review how you paid for the prescription previously and whether it is marked for pick-up or delivery.
  5. Make any changes to payment method, delivery location, or pick-up request as needed.
  6. If you need to write a note to the pharmacists, use the “Notes” field.
  7. Click “Refill Order.”

It’s that simple!