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COVID-19: Pharmacy Operations & Health Tips

Updated 3/30/2021
Koshland Pharm Operations Continue During Covid-19 Pandemic

  • Our regular open hours continue, Monday through Friday, 10am-6pm.
  • We have halted outside traffic into our pharmacy to protect our facility. Patients are asked to choose delivery options for their orders. We offer overnight shipping Monday through Friday. If in-person pick-up is necessary, patients call or buzz our pharmacy and a staff member meets them outside with their order.
  • We recommend ordering a 90 day supply (if appropriate for a patient’s particular therapy) and ordering refills at least five business days ahead.
  • We can be reached:

At Koshland Pharm We Continue To Be Committed

To Your Good Health and the Health of Our Wider Community.

“We know that as a society, we are taking drastic actions, such as sheltering in place, that can feel overwhelming. Yet we know why the actions are being taken – to slow the spread of the coronavirus in order protect those in our community who are the most vulnerable. This shared sacrifice gives me hope, as it demonstrates our willingness to look out for each other and step up to the challenge before us. We’re in this together and we will get through this together.”

– Peter Koshland, PharmD and Koshland Pharm CEO

Koshland Pharm Safety Measures

  1. All pharmacy staff have been fully vaccinated.
  2. Increased cleaning protocols:
    • Twice daily facility cleaning.  Regular stringent protocols for cleaning all lab space/equipment used for compounding.
  3. Increased handwashing protocols for all staff:
    • All staff washes hands upon coming into the building.
    • All staff continues to wash hands following the sterile handwashing procedures throughout the day often and thoroughly.
  4. Watch our Virtual Tour for more details about our ongoing commitment to quality and safety.

Tips to Keep Your Immune System Strong

Get regular sleep, 7-8 hours a night.

Incorporate a daily stress-relief activity into your life, i.e. meditation, a walk (being conscious of social distancing recommendations of six feet from non-household members), gardening, etc.

Limit your intake of refined sugars and remember to eat a healthy diet of vegetables, fruits and protein.

We all know the CDC advice to wash our hands thoroughly and often. Posted here are the strict hand washing protocols our sterile technicians follow before entering the clean room for sterile compounding. Follow this simple guide to ensure no germs are present after washing your hands.

In recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine, two UCSF doctors wrote about how universal mask wearing not only prevents the spread to others but likely helps the mask wearer as well. In communities where mask wearing was universal, people were twice as likely to have asymptomatic infection than in communities where there was no mask wearing. This might be due to mini-exposures through the mask creating a buildup of immune resistance leading to a less severe infection. One more reason why we should continue to prioritize mask wearing and continue to encourage others to do so as well.

Take high-quality vitamins to support your immune system, such as:

Viral Shield, which includes three herbs (andrographis, licorice root, and indigowoad), used for immune support and stimulation.

Immune Support, which contains 500mg of beta 1,3/1,6  of glucan per capsule used to mobilize cells that support the body’s first line response.

Vitamin D. Recent studies show that patients with low Vitamin D levels may be more susceptible to the COVID-19 disease. This study looked at Vitamin D levels in 212 patients and saw a direct correlation between Vitamin D levels and severity of Covid-19.  New research published in July also correlates low vitamin D levels with more severe cases of Covid-19.

Zinc. In vitro studies have shown cells with adequate levels of intracellular zinc are more resistant to coronavirus infection.

Vitamin C. High dose Vitamin C is currently being studied as a potential treatment.

Probiotic. Good gut function is the foundation of a healthy immune system.

Melatonin. Melatonin is known to modulate the immune system and support sleep.

Quercetin. Dihydroquercetin in our product Allergy Relief is known to stabilize mast cells and reduce histamine release.

N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC). NAC is a known antioxidant that also thins out mucus allowing better clearance of the lungs.

Daily Vitamin Pack, which includes a multivitamin, probiotic, fish oil, D3, and magnesium to support overall health.

• Vitamins can be ordered online.  Online purchases include free shipping. Our pharmacists are also available to answer any vitamin questions at (415) 344-0600, option zero.