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hormone replacement compounding medication

Hormone Replacement Therapy

In mid-life, people’s normal hormone levels decline and can cause uncomfortable symptoms. Hormone replacement therapy is one treatment option that patients can choose in consultation with their doctor. A compounding pharmacy can help by creating prescription hormones that are structurally identical to natural hormones… Read More

thyroid compounding medication

Thyroid Medications

The body’s thyroid gland produces two types of peptide hormones. Liothyroinine (T3) is the active thyroid molecule, and levothyroxine (T4). The FDA states that for thyroid powder to be considered USP grade, it must have between 90 and 110% of the allowed amount of T3 and T4. Where a compounding pharmacy sources its chemicals matters… Read More

dermatology compounding medication

Dermatologic Medications

Specially compounded medications for the skin can have a wide range of uses. From acne creams to anti-fungal nail polishes, compounded dermatological medications can have an important impact on a patient’s healing and overall skin health. Koshland Pharm provides a wide range of prescription medications to help with many conditions… Read More

Low Dose Naltrexone

The opiate receptor blocker naltrexone, when given at low doses, has demonstrated an ability to increase endorphin levels; release specific growth factors; and downregulate immune cells responsible for activation of the immune system….. Read More

Urologic Medications

We make a variety of compounded medications for conditions often seen by urologists. Some commonly requested compounded therapies include self-injection therapy for erectile dysfunction, suppositories for pelvic pain, individualized hormone replacement therapy for men, and topical medications for anal fissures…. Read More

pain compounding medication

Pain Medications

Compounded pain relief medications can have a powerful impact on the lives of those suffering from chronic and acute pain. Compounded medications allow for perfectly customized treatments. By putting one or more analgesic ingredients in a topical cream, a medication can be applied directly to the site of injury… Read More

pediatric compounding medication

Pediatric Medications

Compounded pediatric medications from Koshland Pharm for infants and children can have a dramatic effect on a child’s willingness to take a medication. By putting a drug into a flavored suspension or sugar-free lollipop, medications can become something kids want to take. Koshland Pharm can find the best dosage forms for you child’s medication… Read More

veterinary compounding medication

Veterinary Medications

Veterinary compounding pharmacy is the practice of creating customized prescriptions. From delicious, chewable treats to flavored suspensions to transdermal gels applied to the ear. Koshland Pharm makes high-quality custom compounds and follows up with pet owners to ensure optimal treatment… Read More

sinus ear and throat compounding medication

Sinus, Ear & Throat Medications

For patients suffering from chronic, recurrent or resistant sinus conditions, a new delivery form for topical sinus treatments can be a real game-changer. This new delivery form is a capsule, which is opened and emptied into saline, creating a solution that can be used for nebulization or irrigation. We also carry the NasoNeb® Nasal Nebulizer… Read More

dental care compounding medication

Dental Medications

Compounded dental medications from Koshland Pharm include mouthwashes, topical anesthetics, hemostatics, and root canal dressings. Koshland Pharm meets the highest standards for quality and safety in its profession…. Read More


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