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Nano VI™

Cellular Repair Signaling Therapy

Boost cellular activity by stimulating oxidative response with NanoVi™ Technology, now at Koshland Pharm. Good for optimizing energy production, strengthening the immune system and promoting healthy aging. Come in today for a free 10-minute trial.


NanoVi™ is a drug-free approach used to initiate repair and rejuvenation by improving cellular activity. The specific signal, known to initiate the body’s repair and recovery mechanisms, is generated by the NanoVi™ device and delivered across a humidified airstream. This can be stand-alone treatment or done in conjunction with our other treatments.

NanoVi™ sessions are appropriate for anyone. They support other treatments by assisting the body’s repair mechanisms, with no possibility of interference or conflict.

The Benefits of NanoVi™ treatments:

  • Improving cellular activities including the utilization of oxygen and nutrients
  • Balancing the autonomic nervous system for better sleep and rejuvenation
  • Increasing cell energy production
  • Supporting detoxification

For more information about the FDA-registered NanoVi™ technology please visit: You can find additional information about oxidative stress at

How It Works

Professional Athletes Using the NanoVi™ for Recovery and Focus

Olympian Judi McIntosh

Talks about her active lifestyle and the importance of maintaining health and vitality by managing oxidative stress through NanoVi Technology.

Testimonial from NanoVi™ user – Endurance Athlete and Type 1 Diabetic:

I am a 54-year-old Type-1 diabetic diagnosed in 1989 at the age of 30. I am also an endurance athlete who competes in road racing primarily, and am newly into track racing.

My experience using the NanoVi™ Pro has transformed my training and fitness in extraordinary ways and these are the bullet points that I can provide to highlight my observations. My first points are related to NanoVi™ in the context of cycling and endurance training. The second set of points is related to NanoVi™ in context to my T-1 diabetes mellitus.

  • I resumed bike racing in 2011, after taking over 21 years off because of my at diagnosis in ’89, I was a Cat2 racer that raced nationally (NPC events) and felt that my Type-1 diagnosis in 1989 prohibited my ability to compete at the level I wanted.
  • After a minor stroke in Feb 2010, my wife bought me a mail order carbon bike to get myself “fixed”, so I began riding again and started over.
  • I purchased my racing license and started as Cat5, upgraded first month, and upgraded to Cat3 last year but felt flat, hit a plateau, and was struggling.
  • I began using the NanoVi™ on Jan 15, 2014. Prior to this, my training shown on my Strava account is summarized best by describing it as solo, 16k miles in 2013, and while being regular, it was uninspired, and I considered myself a “bike rider” and not a racer. I entered races to be part of the social network. I completed in Nationals but like most races, was “pack fill” most of the time because I would start out strong but fade.
  • In the last 4 months of using a NanoVi™ Pro, my cycling has improved dramatically, and I am now faced with mandatory upgrade to Cat2 with over 55 points accumulated in these first months of 2014. My TT, road, and crit racing are all podiums and my colleagues/competitors continually ask about what has changed recently.
  • What is most observable is the improvement in breathing, energy utilization, relaxed state of mind, ability to recover and decrease my heart rate quickly, and a dramatic awareness of “wellness”, which I define as a conjugate of thinking more clearly, eating better, not cramping, never sore or lactated, improved and restful sleeping, and ability to ride through all levels of intensity during races and get stronger as races progress, instead of fatiguing closer to finishes.
  • I recently spent one week off the device, and was surprised to not only cramp, but feel fatigued, rode slowly, breathed harder, and was not fluid on the bike but struggling, where my body was much more stressed and fighting itself to recover. That went away with resumption of NanoVi use after only 1 day.

I should close by stating that I honestly went into using the NanoVi™ with no expectation that I would see any perceivable difference in cycling ability, but thought that I was a good candidate to try it for endurance affect, given that I do ride a lot of miles all year around and I have a resistance to varying my riding habits because I use cycling as medicine to help with my diabetes.